where do these white dads come from

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Sometimes I’m Ernie. Sometimes I’m Bert.

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Halls has no chill

b y e




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Trip and Virus’s ending in Re:code with morphine sly blue

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*places hands over face and makes embarrassed sounds*

So I wrote this Kounoi/Noijaku headcanon thing about how they would interact with each other in a D/s relationship, and I mentioned Japanese rope bondage in there somewhere (read it if you want the context), and then my brain won’t let go of the image of Koujaku tying up Noiz and oops my hand slipped here, have this self-indulgent piece.

Kinbaku/shibari, when done properly, can be a very intimate act, because of the time the rigger/Top needs to take in order to tie the ropes properly. It’s a careful and sensual process as you slowly restrain your partner with the rope, compared to the use of ready-made shackles and cuffs.

What Koujaku is doing here is a gote shibari (“box tie”), which basically a chest harness that restrains the arms behind the back and is one of the most basic ties.

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Okay, the best part about this is that when it comes to licensing out their songs, Led Zeppelin is super SUPER proprietary. You’ll probably have noticed that despite the fact that Dean is OBSESSED with Zeppelin, and that there are so many Zeppelin references in the show (there is even an episode named using the lyrics of this very song) they still have yet to use one of their songs on the show. Anyways, long story short, in order to have permission to use the Immigrant Song, Jack Black had to make a video which they sent to the band, in which he literally got on his knees while wearing the AC/DC school boy outfit he wears in the final scene of the movie, with a crowd of screaming people behind him, just begging them to be able to use the song.

And it worked.

I want to hear that story as a bedtime story every night.

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How to break up with someone:

Give them a sock and tell them they are a free elf now

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